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Weapons in Dragon Project are crafted using materials dropped by monsters. Weapons are also grouped into five classes, each having their own advantages over the other.

Sword & Shield class weapons are ideal for Hunters with a defensive strategy. Great Sword class weapons are slow but heavy hitters that can deal massive damage to a monster. Dual Blade class weapons deliver quick blows and are suitable for high-speed combat. Spear class weapons have longer reach compared with other melee weapon classes. Bow class weapons let Hunter deal damage to a monster at a safe distance.

Each weapon class also has its own Special Action. The Special Action of a weapon will depend on its type: Normal, Heat, or Soul. Currently, the Great Sword Boundless: Bushi Slayer is the only Soul-Type weapon available in Dragon Project Global.

The Special Action of Normal-Type weapons can be activated by tapping and holding your attack for a while. Special Actions of Heat-Type and Soul-Type weapons are activated similarly but may require Hunters to either do a series of attacks or fill a Heat Meter.

Special Action - Normal: Guard This Special Action allows Hunters block enemies' blows and release a powerful counterattack instantly after guarding.

Special Action - Heat: Revenge Charge the Heat Meter by blocking the attack of your enemy. When the Heat Meter is fully charged, tap and hold to unleash a powerful counter.

Special Action - Normal: Cleave Tap and hold for a while before releasing your Great Sword. This will inflict greater damage to your enemies than your normal attacks.

Special Action - Heat: Pulverize Pulverize is a three-hit Cleave combo. Once you release your first Cleave, follow it up with two more Cleave attacks.

Special Action 1 - Soul: Lethal Draw Tap and hold your attack and then release, and watch your Hunter charge toward your enemy. The longer you hold your attack the farther the distance and stronger your Lethal Draw will be.

Doing this Special Action will help you fill your Soul Gauge, which will appear every time you wield your Soul-Type Great Sword.

Special Action 2 - Soul: Slayer

Once you filled up your Soul Gauge, your Hunter will enter the Slayer Mode. In Slayer Mode, your Hunter will have increased speed and damage, and reduced delay in combo attacks.

Special Action - Normal: Frenzy Frenzy lets Hunters unleash an aerial attack that overwhelms enemies with multiple continuous hits.

Special Action - Heat: Overdrive When wielding Heat-Type Dual Blades, a Heat Meter will appear below your Hunter’s Health Bar. The Heat Meter will be full at the start of a battle and will start to decline once you activate Overdrive.

In Overdrive mode, Hunters will have increased speed, damage, and dodge. Each consecutive attacks (up to 7) will also have a 50% increase in damage. Hunters will lose their Overdrive mode once their Heat Meter becomes empty.

Hunters can fill up their Heat Meter again by landing attacks on enemy monster and use the Overdrive mode when the Heat Meter is at least 50% full.

Special Action - Normal: Snipe Shot

Snipe Shot launches a deadly arrow that can leave damage over time.

Special Action - Heat: Locked Down

When wielding a Heat-Type Bow, tap and hold and multiple targets will start to appear on your enemy. Successfully hitting the targets until your Heat Meter is full will initiate Lockdown mode.

During Lockdown, enemy Behemoth will be immobile, and Hunters can launch quick bow attacks until the Lockdown mode cools down.

Special Action - Normal: Lunge Release a high-speed charge attack toward the enemy.

Special Action - Heat: Skyfall When activated, the Hunter will fly up to the sky and dives toward the enemy. The amount of damage for Skyfall depends on how fully charged the Heat Meter is.

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