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Weapons in Dragon Project are crafted using materials dropped by Behemoths.
Weapons are also grouped into five classes, each having their own advantages over the other.

  • Sword and Shield class weapons are ideal for Hunters with a defensive strategy.
  • Great Sword class weapons are slow but heavy hitters that can deal massive damage to a monster.
  • Dual Blades class weapons deliver quick blows and are suitable for high-speed combat.
  • Spear class weapons have longer reach compared with other melee weapon classes.
  • Bow class weapons let Hunter deal damage to a monster at a safe distance.

Each weapon class also has its own Special Action. The Special Action of a weapon will depend on its type: Normal, Heat, Soul, Burst and Oracle.

The special action of Normal-Type weapons can be activated by tapping and holding your attack for a while. Special Actions of Heat-Type and Soul-Type weapons are activated similarly but require Hunters to fill either the Heat meter or Soul gauge. But burst is also a new one in this game it uses bullets to fire, it also follows a enhanced of all weapons. Oracle was newly released in this game.