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Pic Name Drops Weapons/Equipement
Ascetic Wukong
Ascetic Wukong Raging Fire Monkey Band - S rating Wukong's Staff - Spear
Raging Fire Monkey Fist - A rating Wukong's Crown
Raging Fire Monkey Tail - C rating Wukong's Armor
Raging Fire Monkey Hide - D rating Wukong's Gauntlets
Ascetic Wukong Tablet - S Rating Wukong's Leggings
Evataurus Vermillion Dragon Core - S rating Evate's Strike - Great Sword
Vermillion Dragon Bone - A rating Evate Helm
Vermillion Dragon Horn - C rating Evate Suit
Vermillion Dragon Fin - D rating Evate Gloves
Evataurus Tablet - S Rating Evate Boots
Elgordan Troll Eye - S rating Elg's Cudgel - Sword and Shield
Troll Fang - A rating Elg's Helm
Troll Cannonball - C rating Elg's Armor
Troll Iron Spike - D rating Elg's Gloves
Elgordan Tablet - S Rating Elg's Leggings
Blade Arion
Blade Arion Sawblade Beast Core - S rating Arion Blades - Dual Blades
Sawblade Beast Horn - A rating Arion Helm
Sawblade Beast Shield - C rating Arion Armor
Sawblade Beast Hoof - D rating Arion Gloves
Blade Arion Tablet - S Rating Arion Leggings
Arma Freeze
Arma Freeze Ice Knight Jewel - S rating Frost Blade - Sword and Shield
Ice Knight Blade Piece - A rating Frost Helm
Ice Knight Shield Piece - C rating Frost Cloth
Ice Knight Armor Piece - D rating Frost Gloves
A.Freeze Tablet - S Rating Frost Boots
Prediphasma Mantid Horns - S rating Phasma Bow - Bow
Mantid Sickles - A rating Phasma Mask
Mantid Tail - C rating Phasma Suit
Mantid Wings - D rating Phasma Gloves
Prediphasma Tablet - S Rating Phasma Boots
Ewig Venoma
Ewig Venoma Corpse Core - S rating Venoma's Lance - Spear
Corpse Horn - A rating Venoma Mask
Corpse Poison - C rating Venoma Armor
Corpse Skeleton - D rating Venoma Gloves
Ewig Venoma Tablet - S Rating Venoma Leggings
Rekkthyrus Rock Dragon Earth Scale - S rating Venoma's Lance - Spear
Rock Dragon Horn - A rating Venoma Mask
Rock Dragon Wing Membrane - C rating Venoma Armor
Rock Dragon Carapace - D rating Venoma Gloves
Rekkthyrus Tablet - S Rating Venoma Leggings
Ulkatron Spiritmask Magic Core - S rating Ulton Blades - Dual Blade
Spiritmask Magic Core - A rating Ulton Beret
Spiritmask Magic Core - C rating Ulton Coat
Spiritmask Magic Core - D rating Ulton Gauntlets
Ulkatron Tablet - S Rating Furb Boot
Volgon Chimera
Volgon Chimera Hybrid Lion Morn - S Rating Valargo's Recurve - Bow
Hybrid Lion Fang - A Rating Valargo Hood
Hybrid Lion Snake Tial - C Rating Valargo Vest
Hybrid Lion Bone - D Rating Valargo Guards
Volgon Chimera Tablet - S Rating Valargo Feet
Aura Phoelix
Aura Phoelix Dragonaga Rainbow Scale- S Rating Phoelix Lance - Spear
Dragonaga Crest - A Rating Phoelix Mask
Dragonaga Fin - C Rating Phoelix Coat
Dragonaga Feather - D Rating Phoelix Grips
A.Phoelix Tablet - S Rating Phoelix Boots
Hell Rhinorus
Hell Rhinorus Giant Beast Fire Core - S Rating Rhinogrus - Greate Sword
Giant Beast Fire Horns - A Rating Rhino Helm
Giant Beast Fire Helmet - C Rating Rhino Armor
Giant Beast Fire Shoulder - D Rating Rhino Gloves
H.RhinorusTablet - S Rating Rhino Shin Guards
Giga Olgodes
Giga Olgodes Giant's Eyeball - S rating Ogre's Fury - Greate Sword
Giant's Horn - A rating Ogre's Delirium
Giant's Thorny Club- C rating Ogre's Might
Giant's Stone Skin- D rating Ogre's Clout
G.Olgodes Tablet - S Rating Ogre's Stompers
Jondargil Thorny Dragonfish Horn - S Rating Gillian Spike - Spear
Thorny Dragonfish Fin - A Rating Gillian Visor
Thorny Dragonfish Barb - C Rating Gillian Tunic
Thorny Dragonfish Scale - D Rating Gillian Gauntlets
Jondargil Tablet - S Rating Gillian Leggings
Carnigulavis Helmet Crab Shell - S Rating The Red Slayer - Dual Blades
Helmet Crab Pincer - A Rating Blaze Visor
Helmet Crab Iron Piece- C Rating Blaze Armor
Helmet Crab Leg - D Rating Blaze Gloves
Carnigulavis Tablet - S Rating Blaze Leggings
Tartale Gunki
Tartala Gunki Rock Demon Core - S Rating Demon Blade - Sword and Shield
Rock Demon Crystal Stone - A Rating Demon Helm
Rock Demon Head Ore - C Rating Demon Armor
Rock Demon Stone - D Rating Demon Wrist
Valkyreon Tablet - S Rating Demon Leggings
Furb Furb
Furb Furb Mouse Monster Claw - S rating Furbwind - Bow
Mouse Monster Paw - A rating Furb Hood
Mouse Monster Tail - C rating Furb Armor
Mouse Monster Hide - D rating Furb Gloves
F.Furb Tablet - S Rating Furb Boot
Headless Destroyer
Headless Destroyer Ghost knight Jewel - S Rating The Unknown - Dual Blades
Ghost knight Blade Fragment - A Rating Tormented Helm
Ghost knight Arm Fragment - C Rating Tormented Armor
Ghost knight Armor Fragment - D Rating Tormented Gloves
H.Destroyer Tablet - S Rating Tormented Greaves
Deus Machina
Deus Machina Automaton's Gem - S Rating Machina Blade - Sword and Shield
Automaton's Helmet - A Rating Machina Helm
Automaton's Back Gear - C Rating Machina Coat
Automaton's Armor - D Rating Machina Gloves
D.Machina Tablet - S Rating Machina Shoes
Valkyreon Firedrake Jeweled Scale - S Rating Exalted Spear - Spear
Firedrake Back Horn - A Rating Exalted Helm
Firedrake Tail - C Rating Exalted Armor
Firedrake Scale - D Rating Exalted Gauntlets
Valkyreon Tablet - S Rating Exalted Sabatons
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