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S Behemoths

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Picture Name Weapon Type Element
Zippy Rabbot Dual Blades Heat Fire
Matchless Musashi Sword and Shield Heat Fire
Rapid Veiltail Great Sword Normal/Heat Water
Menacing Archelon Bow Heat Earth
Stratoplume Sword and Shield Heat Water
Turtle Magnas Spear Normal/Heat Water/Lightning
Sigzarthus ? ? ?
Talgarion Dual Blades Heat Lightning
Dire Mawahi Sword and Shield Heat Lightning
Deserrodule ? ? ?
Magnomus ? ? ?
Ascetic Wukong
Ascetic Wukong Spear Normal/Heat Fire
Evataurus Great Sword Normal/Heat Fire
Elgordan Sword and Shield Normal/Heat Earth
Blade Arion
Blade Arion Dual Blades Heat Earth
Arma Freeze
Arma Freeze Sword and Shield Normal Water
Prediphasma Bow Normal ?
Ewig Venoma
Ewig Venoma Spear ? ?
Rekkthyrus Bow ? ?
Ulkatron Dual Blades Normal/Heat None/Lightning
Volgon Chimera
Volgon Chimera Bow Normal/Heat Earth
Aura Phoelix
Aura Phoelix Spear Normal/Heat Water
Hell Rhinorus
Hell Rhinorus Great Sword Normal/Heat Fire
Giga Olgodes
Giga Olgodes ? ? ?
Jondargil Great Sword ? Water
Carnigulavis Dual Blades Normal/Heat Fire
Tartale Gunki
Tartala Gunki ? ? ?
Furb Furb
Furb Furb Bow ? ?
Headless Destroyer
Headless Destroyer Dual Blades ? ?
Deus Machina
Deus Machina Sword and Shield ? ?
Valkyreon Spear ? Fire

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