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Pic Name Drops Weapons/Equipment
Cocytus Amarok
Cocytus Amarok Frozen Dragon Ice Core - S Rating Amarok's Blade - Sword and Shield
Frozen Dragon Frozen Tail - A Rating Amarok Visor
Frozen Dragon Icicle Wing - C Rating Amarok Vest
Frozen Dragon Carapace - D Rating Amarok Gauntlets
Cocytus Amarok Tablet - SS Rating Amarok Leggings
Wicked Blossom King
Wicked Blossom King Earth Sakura Garment - S Rating Void Sakura Blade - Great Sword
Earth Sakura Locks - A Rating Void Sakura Hood
Earth Sakura Branch - C Rating Void Sakura Garb
Earth Sakura Petal - D Rating Void Sakura Hand Guards
W.B.King Tablet - SS Rating Void Sakura Shin Guards
Thundering Blossom King
Thundering Blossom King Amber Sakura Garment - S Rating Dusk Sakura Blade - Dual Blade
Amber Sakura Locks - A Rating Dusk Sakura Hood
Amber Sakura Branch - C Rating Dusk Sakura Garb
Amber Sakura Petal - D Rating Dusk Sakura Hand Guards
T.B.King Tablet - SS Rating Dusk Sakura Shin Guards
Aragami Blade
Aragami Blade Samurai’s Demonic Flame - S Rating Boundless: Bushi Slayer - Great Sword
Samurai’s Mask of Hate - A Rating Boundless Eyepatch
Samurai’s Claw Gauntlet - C Rating Boundless Breastplate
Samurai’s Black Tunic - D Rating Boundless Gauntlet
A.Blade Tablet - SS Rating Boundless Hakama
Infinaruva Infernal Demon Tail - S Rating Ifrit's Blade - Sword and Shield
Infernal Demon Mantle - A Rating Ifrit's Corona
Infernal Demon Gauntlet - C Rating Ifrit's Cloak
Infernal Demon Claw - D Rating Ifrit's Grips
Infinaruva Tablet - SS Rating Ifrit's Greaves
Vemerphose Regal Papillon Core - S Rating Papillon Lance - Spear
Regal Papillon Abdomen - A Rating Papillon Crown
Regal Papillon Hindwing - C Rating Papillon Armor
Regal Papillon Forewing - D Rating Papillon Gauntlets
Vemerphose Tablet - SS Rating Papillon Boots
Chasm Mudigger
Chasm Mudigger Mole Hidden Claw - S Rating Erebus' Seal - Bow
Mole Dorsal Spine - A Rating Erebus Hat
Mole Submerged Horn - C Rating Erebus Coat
Mole Tail - D Rating Erebus Gloves
C.Mudigger Tablet - SS Rating Erebus Boots
Lightning Abaia
Lightning Abaia Hot Spring Master Liver - S Rating Abaia's Strike - Sword and Shield
Hot Spring Master Feeler - A Rating Abaia Tiara
Hot Spring Master Fin - C Rating Abaia Tunic Armor
Hot Spring Master Slime - D Rating Abaia Gloves
Lightning Abaia Tablet - SS Rating Abaia Capris
Galdrux Gargoyle Soul - S Rating Gargoyle's Blade - Great Sword
Gargoyle Wing - A Rating Gargoyle's Twin Horns
Gargoyle Horn - C Rating Gargoyle's Garb
Gargoyle Hand Shield - D Rating Gargoyle's Gauntlets
Galdrux Tablet - SS Rating Gargoyle's Greaves
Empithon Sand Dragon Jaw - S Rating Blackfire Blades - Dual Blades
Sand Dragon Tail - A Rating Blackfire Crown
Sand Dragon Razor Claw - C Rating Blackfire Garb
Sand Dragon Carapace - D Rating Blackfire Gloves
Empithon Tablet - SS Rating Blackfire Leggings
Yggdragis Skull Wood Flower Core - S Rating Modun Bow - Bow
Skull Wood Petal - A Rating Modun Mask
Skull Wood Vine - C Rating Modun Jacket
Skull Wood Moss - D Rating Modun Gloves
Yggdragis Tablet - SS Rating Modun Boots
Paradise Houran
Paradise Houran Holy Bird Dragon Tail - S Rating Dawn's Dance - Spear
Holy Bird Dragon Crest - A Rating Dawn's Head Piece
Holy Bird Dragon Talon - C Rating Dawn's Armor
Holy Bird Dragon Feather - D Rating Dawn's Gauntlets
Paradise Houran Tablet - SS Rating Dawn's Leggings
Akra Platium
Akra Platium Sharkbeast Eye - S Rating The Gale - Dual Blade
Sharkbeast Fang - A Rating Gale Tricome
Sharkbeast Sucker - C Rating Gale Robes
Sharkbeast Tentacle - D Rating Gale Handler
A.Platium Tablet - SS Rating Gale Cavalier
Manic Mephitus
Manic Mephitus Corpse Core- S Rating Blade of Demise - Sword and Shield
Corpse Horn - A Rating Mask of Demise
Corpse Poison - C Rating Armor of Demise
Corpse Skeleton - D Rating Arms of Demise
Manic Mephitus Tablet - SS Rating Legs of Demise
Leider Reaper
Leider Reaper Sickleman's Helmet - S Rating Reaper's Scythe - Spear
Sickleman's Sickle Shard- A Rating Reaper Helm
Sickleman's Armor Shard - C Rating Reaper Plate
Sickleman's Remains - D Rating Reaper Gauntlets
L. Reaper Tablet - SS Rating Reaper Sabatons
Ovidius Crazed Soldier Horn - S Rating Ovid Flyssa - Great sword
Crazed Soldier Axe Piece- A Rating Ovid Helm
Crazed Soldier Armor Piece- C Rating Ovid Mail
Crazed Soldier Fur - D Rating Ovid Wrist
Ovidius Tablet - SS Rating Ovid Greaves
Deus Felnarog
Deus Felnarog Inferno Dragon Scale - S Rating Scorcher's Blade - Sword and Shield
Inferno Dragon Horn - A Rating Scorcher's Helm
Inferno Dragon Wing - C Rating Scorcher's Armor
Inferno Dragon Carapace - D Rating Scorcher's Gloves
Felnarog Tablet - SS Rating Scorcher's Boots
Gigantor Crystal Monkey Stone Head - S Rating Krystalforce - Bow
Crystal Monkey Fist - A Rating Chaotic Hood
Crystal Monkey Tail - C Rating Chaotic Pride
Crystal Monkey Hide - D Rating Chaotic Grips
Gigantor Tablet - SS Rating Chaotic Runners
Pandemonius Thunder Dragon Core - S Rating Daemon Eye - Dual Blades
Thunder Dragon Horn - A Rating Daemon Mask
Thunder Dragon Wing - C Rating Daemon Vest
Thunder Dragon Carapace - D Rating Daemon Gloves
Pandemonius Tablet Tablet - SS Rating Daemon Boots
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