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Passive Magi

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SS RANK[edit | edit source]

The Max level for all these SS Passive Magi is 30!

Name Ratings Description (Maxed out)
Unwavering Spirit 10/10 Health points +280 and physical defence +120
Yin and Yang Stance 10/10 Weapon's light and dark attack +15% and light and dark defence +150
Champion's Vigor 10/10 Physical attack +50, physical defence +40 and soul gauge fill rate +10%
Magic Champion's Soul 10/10 Physical attack +90 and soul gauge fill rate +10%
Titan's Sanctuary 9/10 When using heat Great Sword, physical attack +120 and weapon's fire attack +10%
Tidal Enchantment 8/10 Water attack magi charge rate +5% and fire defence +350
Flame Incarnation 10/10 Weapon's fire attack +20% and fire attack magi charge speed +10%
Earth Incarnation 10/10 Weapon's earth attack +20% and earth attack magi charge speed +10%
Thunder Incarnation 10/10 Weapon's lightning attack +20% and lightning attack magi charge speed +10%
Water Incarnation 10/10 Weapon's water attack +20% and water attack magi charge speed +10%
Gallant Fervor 7/10 Health points +285 and physical attack +60
Thunder Enchantment 8/10 Lightning attack magi charge rate +5% and water defence +350
Woodland Enchantment 8/10 Earth attack magi charge rate +5% and lightning defence +350
Maniac Mark 10/10 Physical attack +90 and heat gauge fill rate +10%
Hermes Blessing 8/10 Health points +285 and movement speed +15%
Chilling Spear Rite 8/10 When using a Heat Spear, physical attack +120 and weapon's water attack +20%
Fiery Bow Rite 9/10 When using a Heat Bow, physical attack +150 and movement speed +15%
Supersonic 6/10 Raises movement speed according to your level (at most 15%)
Hero's Proof 8/10 Physical attack + 90 and physical defence +116
Bountiful Harvest 6/10 Health points +285
Dual Blades Mastery 7/10 Physical attack +108 when using Dual Blades
Great Sword Mastery 7/10 Physical attack +108 when using a Great Sword
Iron Wall Spirit 7/10 Physical defence +200

S RANK[edit | edit source]

Name Max level Description
Hero's Talent 30 Raises attack by 60 and defence by 65
Iron Mastery 20 Increases attack +87
Iron Wall Mastery 20 Increases defence +83
Geist Geyser 15 Attack +10; for paranormal effect
Venomizer 15 Reduces Poison damage by x%

A RANK[edit | edit source]

Name Element Max level Description (maxed out)
Sword Craft None 20 Sword&Shield attack +85
Dual Blades Craft None 20 Dual Blades attack +85
Great Sword Craft None 20 Great Sword attack +85
Spear Craft None 20 Spear attack +85
Bow Craft None 20 Bow attack +85
Vitality's Boon None 20 Increases max HP +186

B RANK[edit | edit source]

Name Element Max level Description (maxed out)
Crushing Mastery None 15 Increases attack +45
Guardian Mastery None 15 Increases defence +44
Vitality's Joy None 15 Increases max HP +137
Auto-Heal None 15 Speeds up HP recovery