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There are two types of monsters in Dragon Project Global: Minions and Behemoths.

Behemoths[edit | edit source]

A Behemoth is a monster that is summoned to be killed for behemoth tablets. These are in turn used for crafting Weapons and Armor. Behemoths are ordered in ranks, which defines how strong they are, SS being the strongest, followed by S, A and then B.

You can also forge Weapons and Armor without behemoth tablets, more information on this here.

Each summoned Behemoth will drop a behemoth tablet specific to the type and rank of the Behemoth. The type of tablet determines the specific weapon that can be crafted with it, this can be one of the five weapons, Spear, Sword and Shield, Great Sword, Bow and Dual Blades. Each weapon has a special ability based on what type it is, these types are Normal, Heat, Soul and Burst, more information on these types can be found here.

Behemoth Tablets are a crafting material used to make weapons and armor. Each type of tablet is used to make a different set of armor and one type of weapon for that set. Behemoth Tablets are obtained from Behemoths after summoning and defeating a Behemoth. They can also be obtained from other Hunters summons but the chances are very low.

*SSx1 When guarnteed, last behemoth will be drawn from the SS list.
By Rarity Monster Appearance Rate
SS 3%
S 15%
A 55%
B 27%

Minions[edit | edit source]

Minions are normal monsters that Hunters encounter in the field. Monster parts from Minions are usually used to enhance equipment.

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