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Magi is a special stone that contains a skill. When you insert a compatible Magi into your equipment’s Magi slot, it will magically gain that skill. Magi is just as important as your Weapons or Armor and should not be neglected. The right Magi can be the difference between you winning or losing a battle.

Magi comes in many shapes and Hunters can only insert a Magi that shares the shape of the slot in their equipment.

If the shape is not compatible with their current equipment, they can do either of the following: Find another equipment that has a slot compatible with the Magi. Find a different Magi that is compatible with the current equipment. Also, as Hunters play the game, they’ll discover that some Magi are only for armor and some are exclusively for weapons.

Hunters can obtain Magi through Summoning.

Summon Rates[edit | edit source]

*SS1x When guaranteed, The last Magi will be drawn from the SS list.
By rarity Magi Appearance rate
SS 3%
S 9%
A 48%
B 40%

Magi Type[edit | edit source]

There are four types of Magi in Dragon Project, and each of these Magi also has their own SS/S/A/B ranking.

  • Attack Magi deals damage when activated. Most attack Magi have an element, so do take note of that when you are strategizing for battle.
  • Support Magi usually gives you a temporary benefit; for example, a limited-time boost in attack or defence.
  • Recovery Magi is for healing. The highly-ranked SS recovery Magi usually restores HP not just for you, but also your nearby allies.
  • Passive Magi is what you equip into your armor. They are passive because unlike Attack/Support/Recovery Magi, they do not need to be activated. These Magi are often overlooked, but are actually very important because they enhance your stats (increase HP/attack/defence).

Using Magi[edit | edit source]

Enhancing Magi[edit | edit source]

Awakening Magi[edit | edit source]