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Event Quests

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Material Collection[edit | edit source]

Day Location Novice Rewards Intermediate Rewards Advanced Rewards Master Rewards
Monday Hollow Armor Temple Knight Armor Fragment x1 Knight Shield Fragment x1 Knight Blade Fragment x1 Knight Jewel x1
Frogid Jungle Froggo Oil x1 Froggo Eye x1 High-Quality Froggo Eye x1 Large Frogid Tongue x1
Tuesday Fu Fu Snowfield Mouse Monster Hide x1 Mouse Monster Tail x1 Mouse Monster Paw x1 Mouse Monster Claw x1
Grouton Plains Jelly Dew x1 Jelly Core x1 High-Quality Jelly Core x1 Grouton Core x1
Wednesday Dofungos Volcano Fungo Cap x1 Fungolise x1 Variant Fungolise x1 Giant Dofungo Sporecap x1
Durandal Volcano Stone Dragon Carapace x1 Stone Dragon Tail x1 Stone Dragon Claw x1 Stone Dragon Horn x1
Thursday Dodonki Jungle Masked Monkey Hide x1 Masked Monkey Tail x1 Masked Monkey Fist x1 Masked Monkey's Teeth x1
Galidon Plains Galena Heart x1 Galena Egg x1 Enormous Galena Egg x1 Galidon Heart x1
Friday Vaccahorn Ruins Vacca Horns x1 Vacca Meat x1 High-Quality Vacca Meat x1 Vaccahorn Horn x1
Mumu Plains Sheep Hide x1 Sheep Tail x1 Sheep Paw x1 Sheep Coiled Horn x1
Weekend Gold Plains 2000 Gold 6000 Gold 12000 Gold 20000 Gold
  • On Saturday and Sunday all material collection quests are available to complete once on that day.

Dungeon Clearing[edit | edit source]

Tower Clearing[edit | edit source]

Bingo[edit | edit source]