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Current Behemoth Banners

Alabaster Ciel & Void Necroth
05 Jul (20:00 PDT) to 02 Aug (19:59 PDT)

Raging Eingram & Sentry Guardian
21 Jun (20:00 PDT) to 19 Jul (19:59 PDT)

Current Magi Banners

Magic Champion's Seal, Bountiful Harvest, Iron Wall Spirit and Venom Guard
09 Jul (20:00 PDT) to 23 Jul (19:59 PDT)
Magi summon, magic champions seal.png
Angel's Embrace, Ameliorate, Seraphic Symphony and Pure Cure
02 Jul (20:00 PDT) to 16 Jul (19:59 PDT)
Magi summon, recovery series.png
Plume Revive, Bountiful Harvest, Eingram's Star and Cocytus' Ice Barrage
28 Jun (20:00 PDT) to 12 Jul (19:59 PDT)
Magi summon, eingrams star series.png

Redemption Codes

KEFRE5 - 50 Gems

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