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Current Behemoth Banners

Coruscated Zaxna & Blighted Ozmia
30 Jul (20:00 PDT) to 13 Aug (19:59 PDT)

Ice Eldwynn & Voltaic Galdora
19 Jul (20:00 PDT) to 16 Aug (19:59 PDT)

Meteoric Vulcan & Riotous Magna
06 Aug (20:00 PDT) to 20 Aug (19:59 PDT)
Revival magna and vulcan series.jpg

Current Magi Banners

Perendi's Wrath, Undulance Cloak, Thundering Enchantment and Tidal Enchantment
09 Jul (20:00 PDT) to 23 Jul (19:59 PDT)
Magi summon, perendis wrath series.jpg
Unwavering Spirit, Gatling Torrent, Reaper's Sentence and Clara Erasmus
26 Jul (20:00 PDT) to 09 Aug (19:59 PDT)
Magi summon, gatling torrent series.jpg

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