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D rank materials

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Image Item Name Item Description
Monster Hide
Monster Hide Skin from a common monster
Monster Scale
Monster Scale Bony plate from common monster
Monster Bone
Monster Bone Tough. From a common monster
Monster Stone
Monster Stone Shard from a common monster
Sword&Shield Crystal
Sword&Shield Crystal For forging and enhancing Sword&Shields
Great Sword Crystal
Great Sword Crystal For forging and enhancing Great Swords
Spear Crystal
Spear Crystal For forging and enhancing Spears
Dual Blades Crystal
Dual Blades Crystal For forging and enhancing Dual Blades
Bow Crystal
Bow Crystal For forging and enhancing Bows
Body Armor Crystal
Body Armor Crystal For forging and enhancing Body Armor
Headgear Crystal
Headgear Crystal For forging and enhancing Headgear
Arm Guards Crystal
Arm Guards Crystal For forging and enhancing Arm Guards
Leg Armor Crystal
Leg Armor Crystal For forging and enhancing Leg Armor
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot Pieces of ore. Inferior.
Galena Heart
Galena Heart Beating heart from a Galena
Fungo Cap
Fungo Cap Fleshy & conical
Vacca Horns
Vacca Horns Bony spike from a Vacca’s head
Froggo Oil
Froggo Oil Shiny grease from a Froggo
Bat Wing
Bat Wing Membrane from wing of a Bat
Jelly Dew
Jelly Dew Blob of clear Jelly fluid
Wormug Thread Sack
Wormug Thread Sack String-producing organ of Wormug
Claydoll Fragment
Claydoll Fragment Broken piece of Claydoll
Lizarta Hide
Lizarta Hide Rough, dry skin from a Lizarta
Caezas Leg
Caezas Leg Twitching limb of a Caezas
Levant Skull
Levant Skull Head of a Levant
Jellyfish Tentacle
Jellyfish Tentacle Has a toxic sting
Boobull Beak
BooBull Beak Hard, pointed and sharp
Madora Wing
Madora Wing Has medicinal value
Snowman Nose
Snowman Nose A frozen carrot
Etri Horn
Etri Horn Solid and symmetrical
Kakuba Fragment
Kakuba Fragment Piece of a Kakuba's body
Boar Hide
Boar Hide Thick & robust Shishibo skin
Bramble Bee Leg
Bramble Bee Leg Hardy limb; from a Habee
Giant Beast Shoulder
Giant Beast Shoulder Piece of armor from Rhinorus
Masked Monkey Hide
Masked Monkey Hide Stiff & durable
Crystal Monkey Hide
Crystal Monkey Hide Covered with sharp bristles
Sheep Hide
Sheep Hide Fluffy & soft!
Mouse Monster Hide
Mouse Monster Hide Nice & silky
Hybrid Lion Bone
Hybrid Lion Bone Sturdy, rugged humerus
Thorny Dragonfish Scale
Thorny Dragonfish Scale A versatile material
Stone Dragon Carapace
Stone Dragon Carapace Rough with raised bumps
Firedrake Scale
Firedrake Scale Every piece is useful…
Dragonaga Feather
Dragonaga Feather Oh, so pretty!
Knight Armor Fragment
Knight Armor Fragment Looks grand…
Ghost Knight Armor Fragment
Ghost Knight Armor Fragment From a knight; Phantom? Real?
Giant's Stone Skin
Giant's Stone Skin Bumpy skin from the arm
Rock Demon Stone
Rock Demon Stone From a Rock Demon
Automaton's Armor
Automaton's Armor Covered in dust
Spirimask Circlet
Spirimask Circlet Floats above a Spirimask
Magnetic Powder
Magnetic Powder Lightning magic
Flame Core Powder
Flame Core Powder Fire magic
Jasper Powder
Jasper Powder Earth magic
Ice Floe Powder
Ice Floe Powder Water magic
Inferno Dragon Carapace
Inferno Dragon Carapace Hot!
Ice Knight Armor Piece
Ice Knight Armor Piece Solid; worthy of a knight
Sickleman's Remains
Sickleman's Remains Rotting remains of the unlucky
Icerock Turtle's Shell
Icerock Turtle's Shell Spiky!
Crazed Soldier Fur
Crazed Soldier Fur From a Crazed Soldier
Mantid Wings
Mantid Wings Made for soaring
Sharkbeast Tentacle
Sharkbeast Tentacle Flexible and muscular
Helmet Crab Leg
Helmet Crab Leg So strange-looking…
Corpse Skeleton
Corpse Skeleton Oversized dragon bones
Skull Wood Moss
Skull Wood Moss Clumps of fuzziness
Rock Dragon Carapace
Rock Dragon Carapace From a Stone Dragon
Frozen Dragon Carapace
Frozen Dragon Carapace Dragon pieces; frozen solid
Thunder Dragon Carapace
Thunder Dragon Carapace Lightning-resistant
Reindeer Hide
Reindeer Hide With soft supple fur
Holy Bird Dragon Feather
Holy Bird Dragon Feather From a Holy Bird Dragon
Raging Fire Monkey Hide
Raging Fire Monkey Hide Thick hide; lots of fur
Gargoyle Hand Shield
Gargoyle Hand Shield To be held by hand
Vermillion Dragon Fin
Vermillion Dragon Fin Stiff dragon fin; burning
Sand Dragon Carapace
Sand Dragon Carapace A tiny piece; thick & tough
Troll Iron Spike
Troll Iron Spike Sharp piece of steel
Hot Spring Master Slime
Hot Spring Master Slime Covered in icky goop
Sawblade Beast Hoof
Sawblade Beast Hoof Thick; from a Sawblade Beast
Mole Tail
Mole Tail Looks dangerous
Ancient Messenger Wing
Ancient Messenger Wing Elegant relic
Buried Soldier Arm Piece
Buried Soldier Arm Piece Fragment; from Buried Soldier
Earth Sakura Petal
Earth Sakura Petal 5 lovely Earth Sakura petals
Amber Sakura Petal
Amber Sakura Petal 5 lovely Amber Sakura petals
Snowmelt Dragon Wings
Snowmelt Dragon Wings Delicate; from Snowmelt Dragon
Regal Papillon Forewing
Regal Papillon Forewing Light & elegant
Deluge Dragon Scales
Deluge Dragon Scales So smooth…
Gravel Dragon Scales
Gravel Dragon Scales Surprisingly malleable
Infernal Demon Claw
Infernal Demon Claw Red hot; from Infernal Demon
Storm Soldier Arm Piece
Storm Soldier Arm Piece From a Storm Soldier
Samurai's Black Tunic
Samurai’s Black Tunic Black & bloody; strangely warm
Noxious Inner Scale
Noxious Inner Scale It’s dripping with venom!
Gold Potion
Gold Potion For 30min, earn 2x gold
Gold Elixir
Gold Elixir For 60min, earn 2x gold
Wealthy Sweets
Wealthy Sweets For 15mins, earn 3x gold; expires 12/31 23:59
EXP Potion
EXP Potion For 30min, gain 2x EXP
EXP Elixir
EXP Elixir For 60min, gain 2x EXP
Training Turkey
Training Turkey For 15mins, earn 3x EXP; expires 12/31 23:59
Luck Potion
Luck Potion For 30min, obtain 2 monster items.
Luck Elixir
Luck Elixir For 60min, obtain 2 items.
Lucky Christmas Sweets
Lucky Christmas Sweets For 15mins, obtain 3x items; expires 12/31 23:59
Lucky Bento Box
Lucky Bento Box For 15mins, obtain 3x items; expires 4/30 23:59
Lucky Rice Cake
Lucky Rice Cake For 15mins, obtain 3x items; expires 5/31 23:59
Magi Shard
Magi Shard Small splinter of Magi magic
Medicinal Plant
Medicinal Plant Unusual, magical botany specimen
Emblem Emblem