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Basic gameplay

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Dragon Project is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game available for both Android and iOS devices.

In Dragon Project, players are called Hunters, and their mission is to defend the Kingdom of Heiland from monsters, especially the fearsome Behemoths. These strong monsters drop special materials called Tablets, which can be crafted into powerful equipment that Hunters can wield against even more powerful Behemoths.

There are three ways Hunters can encounter and battle Behemoths: by visiting the Guild Assistant Pamela and enlisting to her many missions, spending Gems to summon Behemoths, or exploring the different areas in the game to encounter field Behemoths.

During a fight, Hunters can wield three out of the five types of weapon available in the game: Sword and Shield, Spear, Greatsword, Bow, and Dual Blades. Each weapon offers a unique fighting style, and some monsters can be defeated much faster and more effectively based on the weapons used.

In addition to weapons, Hunters can also use Magi to turn the tide of battle. Magi allow Hunters to cast elemental attacks, replenish health, or enhance the stats of armor. Like Behemoths, Hunters can use Gems to summon Magi.

However, some Behemoths in Dragon Project are exceptionally strong that a single Hunter cannot defeat them alone. In this case, Hunters can use the co-op play feature of the game and form a party of four to bring the Behemoth down. Once the Behemoth is defeated, each player will receive unique monster parts, with the party lead receiving a guaranteed Tablet from the Behemoth.

Getting started[edit | edit source]

Character Customization[edit | edit source]


  • Players can choose to play either a male or female character

Face & Skin tone

  • 5 Different types of facial features to choose from for both male and female

  • Players can also choose from 8 different skin tones

Hairstyle and Colour

  • There are 8 different hairstyles for both male and female characters

  • Players can also choose from 12 different hair colours

Character Voice

  • Players are able to choose from 4 different voices for both male and female characters

Character name

  • Players are able to name their characters to their preference


  • Towards the end, players will have to confirm the changes made towards their characters and tap on the checkbox to continue

Changing character appearance

  • Character appearance can be changed at any time after confirmation by going into: Menu > Profile > Customise

Basic Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Monsters[edit | edit source]

  • Defeat monsters in order to receive materials and complete quests

  • Unlock the portal to the next map by defeating monsters

  • The portal will indicate the required number of monsters left to defeat and it will glow once the player accomplishes the requirements

  • Unlocking portals may reward players with gem(s)

Quest[edit | edit source]

Receiving Quests

  • Quests can be obtained by tapping or walking towards Pamela NPC

  • Players will be prompted to the Main Story quest and the rewards are

  • shown after completing the quest

  • Players will be teleported into the quest map after accepting the quest

  • To complete quests, defeat monsters with an indicator beside their names in order to drop a

  • “Yellow x White” chest to obtain the quest material

  • An indicator will be shown when the player opens the “Yellow x White”

  • chest about their current progress

Monster drops

  • When you defeat a monster on the field, the enemy drops a treasure chest

  • Tap on the treasure chest to obtain materials

  • Treasure chest disappears after a certain period of time and when you move into another map

  • Drops different types of treasure chest

  • Yellow x Silver boxes drops lower rank materials, whereas Red boxes drops higher grade materials and also a chance of receiving quest item

  • It is important to open up the “Yellow x White” treasure boxes as they often drop C grade materials and they are also needed for completing quests

  • After completing the quest, a notification prompts to inform that you have completed the quest

  • Tap onto the quest banner and claim quest rewards

Quest board

  • The quest board will be split into 3 different sections which is the Story, Daily Quests and Weekly Quest

  • The Story quests consists of the Main Quest and Sub Quests which players are able to complete while travelling through the map

  • Daily Quests can be completed by fufilling the requirements and will be reset daily

  • Weekly Quests can also be completed by fufilling the necessary requirements and will be reset weekly

Quest Completion

  • By completing quests, players are rewarded materials to enhance and strengthen materials required

Crafting Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Tap on the workshop button to start crafting equipment

  • An icon will indicate which weapon/armour is available for crafting

  • Materials are required in order to craft equipment and it can be obtained by completing quests and defeating both small and large monsters

  • After crafting your desired armour, go back to the main workshop menu and select the armour that you want to change

Basic Controls[edit | edit source]


  • Hold tap and slide across the screen to navigate around the map

  • Swipe on screen to roll around or dodge enemy's attacks


  • Tap on screen repeatedly to deal damage to monsters

  • Tap and slide to move around the map

  • Tap repeatedly to attack

  • Tap and hold on screen to block enemy's attacks (applies to one-handed sword and shield only)

Magi Skill

  • Magi skill can be used during battle to deal extra damage to monsters and it can be charged over time

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Abilities help you fine-tune your playing style by allowing you to choose which stat boosts you want your equipment to have. Changing an equipment's abilities costs Gold but getting abilities that suit your equipment set is worth it.

These are two types of abilities - Special and Common.

Special Abilities[edit | edit source]

Special abilities are abilities which can only be found in specific equipment sets. Some Special Abilities are inherent in the equipment and cannot be changed while some need to be obtained by changing abilities in the Forge (if you didn't manage to get the Special Ability upon forging the equipment). Inherent Special Abilities have a green text box instead of a yellow one.

These Special Abilities can be found on the corresponding Behemoth Page.

Common Abilities[edit | edit source]

Common Abilities are abilities which you can get from several equipment. The following table lists all the common abilities that are currently available:

Ability Description
Sword DMG Sword & Shield DMG + x%
Guard Damage received while guarding with a Sword & Shield is reduced by x%
Great DMG Great Sword DMG +x%
Cleave Great Sword Cleave DMG +x%
Cleave SPD Great Sword Cleave charge time -x%
Spear DMG Spear DMG +x%
Lunge Spear charge DMG +x%
D. Blades DMG Dual Blades DMG +x%
Frenzy Dual Blades Frenzy DMG: +2%
Bow DMG Bow DMG +x%
Snipe Shot Bow Snipe Shot DMG +x%
Snipe SPD Bow Snipe Shot charge time -x%
Fire DMG Fire attack DMG +x%
Water DMG Water attack DMG +x%
Earth DMG Earth attack DMG +x%
Lightning DMG Lightning attack DMG +x%
Fire/Water DMG DMG dealt by Fire/Water attacks +x%
Hydroelectric Water and Lightning attack DMG +x%
Burn DMG Burn status time -x%
Poison Resist Poison status time -x%
Anti-Paralysis Paralysis status time -x%
Slow Resist Slow status time -x%
Recovery Recovery +x%
Move SPD Move SPD +x%
Dodge Dodge distance +x%
Magi Charge Magi Gauge UP +x%
Casting SPD Magi casting speed +x%
Luck Improves Luck

See also[edit | edit source]