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B rank materials

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Pic Item Name Item Description
Magic Beast Stone
Magic Beast Stone Shiny monster ore. Rare
Silver Ingot
Silver Ingot Lump of ore. Worth a little
Magi Sand
Magi Sand Fine sediment for fusing Magi
Galena Egg
Galena Egg Contains embryo of a Galena
Enormous Galena Egg
Enormous Galena Egg Extra large, extra special
Galidon Heart
Galidon Heart Beating heart from a Galidon
Fungolise Larva from a Fungo
Variant Fungolise
Variant Fungolise Special type of Fungo larva
Giant Dofungo Sporecap
Giant Dofungo Sporecap Huge & oddly-shaped
Vacca Meat
Vacca Meat Flesh of a Vacca
High-Quality Vacca Meat
High-Quality Vacca Meat Flesh of a free-range Vacca
Vaccahorn Horn
Vaccahorn Horn Bony spike; huge & heavy
Froggo Eye
Froggo Eye Eyeball from a Froggo
High-Quality Froggo Eye
High-Quality Froggo Eye A colored eyeball
Large Frogrid Tongue
Large Frogrid Tongue Muscular tongue of a Frogrid
Bat Ears
Bat Ears Pair of pointy ears from a Bat
Giant Bat Ear
Giant Bat Ear Huge & pointy; can be valuable
Jelly Core
Jelly Core Soul of a Jelly
High-Quality Jelly Core
High-Quality Jelly Core Enlightened soul of a Jelly
Grouton Core
Grouton Core Soul of a Grouton
Wormug Skin
Wormug Skin Dry husk from a Wormug
Wormug Hard Skin
Wormug Hard Skin Exoskeleton. Tough = good
Claydoll Stone
Claydoll Stone Shiny & round; from a Claydoll
Claydoll Fine Jewel
Claydoll Fine Jewel Can be precious if pristine
Lizarta Claw
Lizarta Claw Sharp nail from a Lizarta
XL Lizarta Claw
XL Lizarta Claw Large, scary & sometimes prized
Caezas Pincer
Caezas Pincer Front claw of a Caezas
Large Caezas Pincer
Large Caezas Pincer Abnormally large pincer claws
Levant Helmet
Levant Helmet Protects head of a Levant
High-Quality Levant Helm
High-Quality Levant Helm Headgear for eminent Levant
Jellyfish Umbrella
Jellyfish Umbrella Its umbrella-like body
Huge Jellyfish Umbrella
Huge Jellyfish Umbrella Abnormally large pincer claws
BooBull Shell
BooBull Shell As tough as iron
BooBull Eyes
BooBull Eyes Bright, sparkly compound eye
Madora Core
Madora Core An extract from the root
Madora Fruit
Madora Fruit Rare & imbued with magic
Snowman Button
Snowman Button A round button
Snowman Scarf
Snowman Scarf Oddly cold, with white speckles
Etri Egg
Etri Egg Gleaming; said to be useful
Small Golden Etri Egg
Small Golden Etri Egg Small & rare
Kakuba Stone Arm
Kakuba Stone Arm Sturdy & strong
Kakuba Stone Crown
Kakuba Stone Crown Heavy enough to crush heads
Boar Tusk
Boar Tusk Large & pointy Shishibo tooth
Large Boar Tusk
Large Boar Tusk A pair; pierces stones easily
Bramble Bee Eye
Bramble Bee Eye Sparkly eye; from a Habee
Bramble Bee Stinger
Bramble Bee Stinger Barbed; from a Habee's hind
Magnetic Stone
Magnetic Stone Lightning magic; strong
Flame Core Stone
Flame Core Stone Fire magic; strong
Jasper Stone
Jasper Stone Earth magic; strong
Floe Stone
Floe Stone Water magic; strong
T.Galidon Tablet
Thunder Galidon Tablet To forge eqpt with spirit of Thunder Galidon
G.Dofungos Tablet
Gaia Dofungos Tablet To forge eqpt with spirit of Gaia Dofungos
G.Vaccahorn Tablet
Gaia Vaccahorn Tablet To forge eqpt with spirit of Gaia Vaccahorn
W.Frogrid Tablet
W.Frogrid Tablet To forge eqpt with spirit of Water Frogrid
I.Grouton Tablet
Igni Grouton Tablet To forge eqpt with spirit of Igni Grouton