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A rank materials

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Image Item Name Item Description
Gold Ingot
Gold Ingot Lump of ore. Worth a lot.
Magi Fragment
Magi Fragment Fine sediment for fusing Magi
Large Golden Etri Egg
Large Golden Etri Egg Large & prized
Giant Beast Fire Horns
Giant Beast Fire Horns Stiff bone from Rhinorus' head
Masked Monkey Fist
Masked Monkey Fist Often mistaken for a rock
Crystal Monkey Fist
Crystal Monkey Fist Has hardened over time
Sheep Paw
Sheep Paw Very squishy
Mouse Monster Paw
Mouse Monster Paw Can be used as a pillow
Hybrid Lion Fang
Hybrid Lion Fang Sharp and serrated tooth
Thorny Dragonfish Fin
Thorny Dragonfish Fin Webbed & oddly-shaped
Stone Dragon Claw
Stone Dragon Claw Shreds prey within secs
Firedrake Back Horn
Firedrake Back Horn Sharper than it looks!
Dragonaga Crest
Dragonaga Crest From the head of a Dragonaga
Knight Blade Fragment
Knight Blade Fragment Sharp tip from sword… Ouch!
Ghost Knight Blade Fragment
Ghost Knight Blade Fragment Haunted knight sword
Giant's Horn
Giant's Horn Oversized
Rock Demon Crystal Stone
Rock Demon Crystal Stone Essence of a Rock Demon
Automaton's Helmet
Automaton's Helmet Looks passé but still tough
Spirimask Mask Fragment
Spirimask Mask Fragment To mask an identity
Magnetic Crystal
Magnetic Crystal Lightning magic; refined
Flame Core Crystal
Flame Core Crystal Fire magic; refined
Jasper Crystal
Jasper Crystal Earth magic; refined
Floe Crystal
Floe Crystal Water magic; refined
Inferno Dragon Horn
Inferno Dragon Horn Touch at your own risk
Ice Knight Blade Piece
Ice Knight Blade Piece Terribly sharp; bitterly cold
Sickleman's Sickle Shard
Sickleman's Sickle Shard Scythe of death
Icerock Turtle's Carapace
Icerock Turtle's Carapace Gleaming with energy
Crazed Soldier Axe Piece
Crazed Soldier Axe Piece Broken; from Crazed Soldier
Mantid Sickles
Mantid Sickles Useful tool on the arms
Sharkbeast Fang
Sharkbeast Fang Can function as a trap
Helmet Crab Pincer
Helmet Crab Pincer Don't get pinched!
Corpse Horn
Corpse Horn Undead horn of a dragon
Skull Wood Petal
Skull Wood Petal Not what it seems…
Rock Dragon Horn
Rock Dragon Horn From head of Stone Dragon
Frozen Dragon Frozen Tail
Frozen Dragon Frozen Tail Dragon tail; sub-zero temps
Thunder Dragon Horn
Thunder Dragon Horn There’s a low rumbling noise…
Reindeer Horn
Reindeer Horn A thing of beauty
Holy Bird Dragon Crest
Holy Bird Dragon Crest Stunning; from a Bird Dragon
Raging Fire Monkey Fist
Raging Fire Monkey Fist Furry fist; on fire
Gargoyle Wing
Gargoyle Wing Heavy; can take strong winds
Vermillion Dragon Bone
Vermillion Dragon Bone From dragon's shoulder
Sand Dragon Tail
Sand Dragon Tail Rumored to be indestructible
Troll Fang
Troll Fang A little dirty; still healthy
Hot Spring Master Feeler
Hot Spring Master Feeler Sensitive, tactile organ
Sawblade Beast Horn
Sawblade Beast Horn Some use it like a sword
Mole Dorsal Spine
Mole Dorsal Spine Can perforate flesh easily
Ancient Messenger Tail
Ancient Messenger Tail Sometimes used as a vase
Buried Soldier Circlet
Buried Soldier Circlet Floats above a Buried Soldier
Earth Sakura Locks
Earth Sakura Locks Rough Earth Sakura bristles
Amber Sakura Locks
Amber Sakura Locks Rough Amber Sakura bristles
Snowmelt Dragon Down
Snowmelt Dragon Down Feathered; from Snowmelt Dragon
Regal Papillon Abdomen
Regal Papillon Abdomen Blue blood flows within
Deluge Dragon Tail Fin
Deluge Dragon Tail Fin Fancy-looking; seriously stiff
Gravel Dragon Claw
Gravel Dragon Claw Has a naturally tenacious grip
Infernal Demon Mantle
Infernal Demon Mantle Fireproof; from Infernal Demon
Storm Soldier Armor Piece
Storm Soldier Armor Piece Protruding; from Storm Soldier
Samurai's Mask of Hate
Samurai’s Mask of Hate Emits a dreadful aura
Noxious Pure Carapace
Noxious Pure Carapace Spills poison when dropped
Hunter Guild Oath
Hunter Guild Oath Material for Guild Pledge
Valdaros Aspect
Valdaros Aspect Material for Valtroph
Limbo Phosphorescence
Limbo Phosphorescence A formidable monster’s power
Infernal Droplet
Infernal Droplet Marks time in the underworld
Crazed Soldier Mane
Crazed Soldier Mane Beautiful & supple
Firefly Phosphorescence
Firefly Phosphorescence From Valley of the Dead
Ship's Cask
Ship's Cask To enhance eqpt from event
Sharkbeast Dorsal Fin
Sharkbeast Dorsal Fin To enhance eqpt from event
Morning Dew
Morning Dew To enhance eqpt from event
Skull Wood Stalwart
Skull Wood Stalwart To enhance eqpt from event
Red Plum Gourd
Red Plum Gourd To enhance eqpt from event
Pure Greenery
Pure Greenery To enhance eqpt from event
Dragon Insignia Medal
Dragon Insignia Medal To enhance eqpt from event
Jasper Brace
Jasper Brace To enhance eqpt from event
Holy Bird Dragon Egg
Holy Bird Dragon Egg To enhance eqpt from event
Sacred Embroidery Thread
Sacred Embroidery Thread To enhance eqpt from event
Legendary Lightning Fang
Legendary Lightning Fang To enhance eqpt from event
Hot Spring Flower Stone
Hot Spring Flower Stone To enhance eqpt from event
Rainbow Colored Candy
Rainbow Colored Candy To enhance eqpt from event
Fragrant Sakura Honey
Fragrant Sakura Honey To enhance eqpt from event
Butterfly-patterned Coin
Butterfly-patterned Coin To enhance eqpt from event
Stone Dragon Spike Horn
Stone Dragon Spike Horn To evolve Durandal armor
Flame Origin
Flame Origin To enhance eqpt from event
Cathartic Straw Post
Cathartic Straw Post To enhance eqpt from event
Igni Galidon Tablet
Igni Galidon Tablet To forge eqpt with spirit of Igni Galidon
Water Dofungos Tablet
Water Dofungos Tablet To forge eqpt with spirit of Water Dofungos
Igni Vaccahorn Tablet
Igni Vaccahorn Tablet To forge eqpt with spirit of Igni Vaccahorn
Gaia Frogrid Tablet
Gaia Frogrid Tablet To forge eqpt with spirit of Gaia Frogrid
Thunder Grouton Tablet
Thunder Grouton Tablet To forge eqpt with spirit of Thunder Grouton
Landaronba Tablet
Landaronba Tablet To forge eqpt with spirit of Landaronba
Mufu Mufu Tablet
Mufu Mufu Tablet To forge eqpt with spirit of Mufu Mufu
Igna Deus Tablet
Igna Deus Tablet To forge eqpt with spirit of Igna Deus
Hades Geist Tablet
Hades Geist Tablet To forge eqpt with spirit of Hades Geist
Tior Emblem
Tior Emblem Hunter cert. from Tior
Rakshard Emblem
Rakshard Emblem Hunter cert. from Rakshard
Hunter Elixir
Hunter Elixir For 60min, earn 2x EXP, gold, and items