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A Behemoths

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Pic Name Drops Craft
Igni Galidon
Igni Galidon Galena Egg - B Rating Gagaleni Cap
Enormous Galena Egg - B Rating Gagaleni Cloth
Galidon Heart - B Rating Gagaleni Gloves
Galena Heart - D Rating Gagaleni Shoes
I.Galidon Tablet - A Rating Gagaleni Bow
Water Dofungos
Water Dofungos Fungolise - B Rating Dofungo Hood
Variant Fungolise - B Rating Dofungo Suit
Giant Dofungo Sporecap - B Rating Dofungo Hands
Fungo Cap - D Rating Dofungo Boots
W.Dofungos Tablet - A Rating Dofungo Edge
Igni Vaccahorn
Igni Vaccahorn Vacca Meat - B Rating Vaccaro Helm
Vaccahorn Horn - B Rating Vaccaro Armor
High-Quality Vacca Meat - B Rating Vaccaro Arms
Vacca Horns- D Rating Vacca Leggings
I.Vaccahorn Tablet - A Rating Vaccaro Sword
Gaia Frogrid
Gaia Frogrid High-Quality Froggo Eye - B Rating Frogridos Hat
Large Frogrid Tongue - B Rating Frogrid Mail
Froggo Eye - B Rating Frogridos Wrists
Froggo Oil - D Rating Frogridos Trousers
G.Frogrid Tablet - A Rating Frogrid Sword
Thunder Grouton
Thunder Grouton High-Quality Jelly Core - B rating Grouton Helm
Grouton Core - B rating Grouton Plate
Jelly Core - B rating Grouton Wrists
Jelly Dew - D rating Grouton Sabatons
T.Grouton Tablet - A Rating Grouton Spear
Landaronba Masked Monkey's Teeth - S Rating Brute's Mask
Masked Monkey Fist - A Rating Brute's Robes
Masked Monkey Tail - C Rating Brute's Gauntlets
Masked Monkey Hide - D Rating Brute's Boots
Landaronba Tablet - A Rating Brute's Strength
Mufu Mufu
Mufu Mufu Sheep Coiled Horn - S Rating Mool Scarf
Sheep Paw - A Rating Mool Robe
Sheep Tail - C Rating Mool Wrists
Sheep Hide - D Rating Mool Sabatons
M.Mufu Tablet - A Rating Mool Paw
Igna Deus
Igna Deus Stone Dragon Horn - S Rating Durandal Galea
Stone Dragon Claw - A Rating Durandal Kaizer I
Stone Dragon Tail - C Rating Durandal Couter
Stone Dragon Carapace - D Rating Durandal Legs
I.Deus Tablet - A Rating Durandal Dagger
Hades Geist
Hades Geist Knight Jewel - S Rating Spiteful Helm
Knight Blade Fragment - A Rating Spiteful Armor
Knight Shield Fragment - C Rating Spiteful Guards
Knight Armor Fragment - D Rating Spiteful Leggings
H.Geist Tablet - A Rating Spiteful Blade

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